Security Cameras & Installation

    Home Security Camera Systems  are more important today  than ever before. Crime in Whittier and surrounding cities are on the rise . Over 1   million plus burglaries have occur  in Southern California in the last 6 months of 2017  and are increasing  with  the average dollar loss  well over $3,000 . There are many companies that offer Sales , Installation and Service  for Security Camera Systems But the problem is that every home and business property is different and  each personal outlook  on what  he or she wants to protect  as in area  , entry points and just over all property coverage, some want to monitor there back yard to watch there children swimming in the pool or just playing in the backyard.  With that in mind  the cost of a security camera system is a lot cheaper then the frustration of  having to file a police report and dealing with the insurance company .A  security camera system you can upload the video files right to your local police dept or any usb storage device and you can provide your  insurance company all the information needed  for your claim (a picture says a million words)   not to mention  the yearly  savings that you will receive on you insurance policy  because you have 24/7 video  surveillance system . Call Certified Distributors at 562-943-4490  for a free in home estimate.